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Do you know social media is a FANTASTIC way to generate buzz about your business...but you just don't have time for it?

Are you OVERWHELMED by all the different social media platforms & lingo?

Have you started some social media accounts but not posted consistently?

Is social media SUCKING too much time away from your business day?

We're here to HELP!


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Our Services:


Fully Managed Plans - Perfect for Getting Started:

This solution frees up your time to do other things! We create your social media pictures, wording for posts, and strategic posting schedule. Best of all-- we post to your accounts regularly and you don't have to life a finger! You are able to review all pictures and posts before they appear in your social media accounts. Pricing starts at $377 per month for this service.

Maintenance Plans

After 6 months of working with us and/or when we have formatted and organized about 150 images for you, you may qualify to move to a Social Media Maintenance plan. We will work with you to create a customized, ongoing plan to keep your social media accounts active, while reducing your monthly fees. Maintenance plans start at just $126 per month!

Learn to DIY

You or your staff can learn a strategic plan for easily maintaining your social media presence, posting regularly, and creating effective images. We offer on-site, hands-on individualized training sessions. Prices start at $250 for a 2 hour session with up to 3 people from your company.


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