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"Professional Association..." Scam

As the CEO of Glikstorm LLC, I was invited to join a free "Professional Association" aimed at women. After about a half hour phone interview, I was told that I had been accepted and asked how I'd like to pay the several hundred dollar fee. When I questioned why the "free" had turned into "for a fee", the person on the phone stammered and then offered a lower price. I asked to see the information in writing so I could know exactly what I was agreeing to, and she refused. She said they didn't have any information in writing. RED FLAG, RED FLAG, RED FLAG.

I politely ended the conversation with her and immediately checked the Better Business Bureau for this group. They had many, many, complaints with similar stories to what I had experienced. It is a real group, and it does have meetings and benefits, but chose NOT to be part of an organization that uses misleading recruiting tactics.

About a month after my experience, one of my clients was solicited by the same association and went through a similar experience. Luckily, she also saw the RED FLAGS and she did not lose any money.

If you get any notices in the mail (or email) that say you've been approved to join a FREE professional group, do yourself a favor and check them out with the Better Business Bureau first.


If you are thinking about joining any organization, learn more about them first:


There are many legitimate, worthwhile business and networking groups out there. Costs range from about $100-$500 a year to become a member. Legitimate groups will tell you about the membership costs up front, and won't promise a FREE membership and then ask you to pay.


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